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  • kriti sonan is in the List of Highest Paid Bollywood Actresses

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    Top 15 Highest Paid Bollywood Actress List

    Bollywood is all about its beautiful actress and because of there excellent acting skills and charming personality they’re sometimes paid more than the actors. Bollywood actresses like Deepika and Priyanka who have done Hollywood movies charge hefty money from directors. But who are the highest-paid actresses in Bollywood, here is the list of Top 15 […] More

  • Fahriye Evcen is the Most Beautiful Women in the World

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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World

    The world is filled will all types of beautiful women. Every county has its own most beautiful woman. The question always remains, Who are the most beautiful women in the world right now? This list of the world’s most beautiful women based on online popularity and some other statics. Since we don’t have any standard […] More

  • Romanian Army is the Countries With The Most Beautiful Female Armies
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    Top 10 Countries with Most Beautiful Women Soldiers in World

    Since we are moving toward 21 fist century the modern era Women are now equally powerful as men. Normally soldiers are men but it doesn’t mean that there is no place for women right. Now then as women join the army the question remains to many of us that which Countries have the most beautiful […] More

  • Haruka Tomatsu is the Most Beautiful Female Anime Seiyu (Voice Actors)


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    Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Anime Seiyu (Voice Actors)

    Voice Actors in Japan treated as celebrities, especially female voice actors. They often have a very loyal following. Not only do they voice anime characters, but also star in live-action Japanese films and drama, and not to forget have their own concerts. Most of the fans treat female seiyuu more as idols in fact as […] More

  • Shocking facts and Secrets About Frozen Disney movie

    Top 9 Shocking Secrets About “Frozen” That You Probably Didn’t Know

    How long has it been since Disney’s Frozen movie hit theaters? A few months? A year? Five years? With the rate that many people are still talking about the movie and how “good” it was, you’d think that it Disney released it just a few weeks ago. Though, for all the credit that the movie […] More

  • Indian Celebrities With Their Madame Tussauds Statues


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    Top 10 Indian Celebrities With Their Madame Tussauds Statues

    Founded by French wax sculptor Marie Tussaud in 1761, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum was first launched in London and has slowly spread across major cities across the world. One of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum has now opened in Delhi too. Here’s a look at some of our […] More

  • Deepika Padukone Indian Women

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    Top 10 Hottest Indian Women Alive 2020

    India is known for its culture and its unmatched beauty. Bollywood actresses are known for there more glam and talent but who are the most hottest Indian Women in the Bollywood. Ever wants to know the answers, since the Bollywood industry is quite big its become very difficult to choose the hottest of them all. […] More

  • Shiv Nadar is the top 10 richest person in india
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    Top 10 Richest Person in India

    Business Magazine Forbes releases its list of the world’s richest billionaires every year. In the list of richest peoples of the year 2018, it features 121 Indian out of 2208. Since India is an emerging economy we may see a rise in the numbers of Rich Indian in this list in the future. Here is […] More

  • 10 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup



    10 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

    Bollywood is all about glamour and we are kind of used to with the pretty faces of Bollywood actress. But the reality is they use a truckload of foundation. From the good to the bad, here’s a look at 10 celebrities who look unrecognizable without their warpaint: 1. Priyanka Chopra 2. Sonam Kapoor 3. Kareena […] More

  • Bollywood Celebrities Doppelgangers

    Top 10 Famous Bollywood Celebrities Doppelgangers

    As the internet is growing worldwide it is becoming quite easier to find your doppelgangers. If you are a famous personality or a Bollywood it becomes quite easier to find you an identical twin in this big world. little changes can also be seen here due to the geographical differences but at one look you […] More

  • Buddha standing tallest statute

    Top 10 Tallest Statues in the World

    We human always love building statue of famous peoples and sometimes we just get our love of building big statues into another level. Here is the list of Top 10 Tallest Statues in the World that will surely amaze you. 1. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel – 597 feet (182 meters)  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel statue also known […] More

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