Kingston 480GB A400 SATA 3 2.5" Internal SSD

5 Best 480GB SSD Drive: Fast SSD for Gaminng in 2022

The best 480GB SSD on the market are increasingly sought after by those who need an alternative that allows agility in using their laptops.

They are manufactured to ensure quality and high performance for those who want an ally in their daily activities, generating productivity and an operational accelerator.

To help you in this choice, we made a selection with a detailed description of the best 480GB SSDS models of 2020 and we brought you a complete guide that will help you when buying yours!

If you are looking to exchange your old external hard drive for a new one, we recommend that you already adopt this new technology and migrate your data to a quality External SSD.

Why buy?

The 480GB SSDs allow a higher speed in the performance of your work on computers, accelerating its use, spending less time with problems of constant use.

With the computer’s hard disk, the machine’s performance ends up being limited in daily tasks, such as loading games, and any other operation that involves reading and writing data, regardless of the speed of your processor or amount of RAM.

Another advantage of 480GB SSDs is the memory capacity and quick response to applications, as well as being less prone to handling damage, being more comprehensive than other hard drives.

Furthermore, they are available in a variety of models, allowing you to choose the ideal model for your computer.

Shopping Guide: How to Buy a 480GB SSD?

There are several models of SSDs available on the market and each one has features for different needs. In order for you to make the right decision, we will present here the most important criteria to be observed.


Among the main models are the simplest ones, which cost a little less, which are useful for most people, and the more advanced ones, with high performance and excellent cost-benefit.

The most popular models of SSDs have less capacity compared to common HDS, whereas models with large capacity tend to have much higher values.

Regardless of your choice, SSDs have advanced technology that will give you all the necessary support for managing and loading data.

Analyze your profile carefully and choose the most suitable for what you want.

Construction material

The construction material of 480GB SSDs is one of the most important items to be observed, as it defines the product’s durability and quality, allowing its use in a continuous, error-free manner.

Most SSDs are manufactured with a material resistant to high temperatures and are protected against drops, friction, and vibrations, increasing their service life, making it more viable to choose them over ordinary HDS, which are mechanical.

In addition, SSDs have no moving parts and feature a floating-port transistor, responsible for storing data, making any other hard drive you might own look sluggish in your eyes!

Size and Installation

SSDs are extremely easy to install, just connect them to the machine and the biggest difficulty you can have in this process is opening your notebook or case.

They are available in larger or smaller sizes, the standard size being 2.5 inches, bringing dimensions of 70mm wide x 19-9mm high x 100mm deep.


In the case of 480GB SSDs, the main selection criteria should be based on their use, according to the needs of each person and their computer.

SSDs, as they do not have moving parts, solve the speed limitation of other HDs, so they have a higher read and write rate compared to magnetic disks.

Another plus of SSDs concerns their performance. Made to ensure faster use of computers, optimizing startup, shutdowns, loads, and application response.


There are 480GB SSDs that also have data protection and hardware-based cryptographic support, managing the read and file cache, mapping bad parts to prevent data corruption.

This feature gives you an “extra level of digital protection” for your data.

How much?

Unfortunately, the values ​​of 480GB SSDs are usually higher than those of common HDS, ranging from R$450 to models that easily go beyond R$1500.

Due to its high cost and also high speed, we recommend using SSD for operating system files and software that are part of the systems and need high access speed.

If you have a more limited budget at the moment or are looking for a device with more space just to store photos and videos, we recommend that you take a look at our article on the best 1TB external hard drives.

What is the Best 480GB SSD?

Now that you know the most important selection criteria, see below for the best 2022 480GB SSDs.

1.Kingston SA400S37
2.Corsair CSSD-F480GBMP510 Force Series
3.Kingston DC500R
4.Sandisk Plus
5.Kingston Suv500Ms480G

1. Kingston SA400S37

Best Overall

Kingston 480GB A400 SATA 3 2.5" Internal SSD

  • Brand : Kingston | 
  • Memory: 480GB | 
  • Speed: 500MB/s

This is the best cost-effective 480GB SSD. Manufactured by Kingston, it is the right choice for those looking for cost-benefit combined with quality!

Additionally, the Kingston SSD is enhanced with a state-of-the-art controller for reading and write speeds of up to 500MB/s and 450MB/s.

As it is more economical in energy use, it does not need to be powered by motors or similar components, being used extensively, even in thinner notebooks.

This model from Kingston has a capacity of 480GB and an interface of 6.0 GB/s, and is also extremely resistant to drops, friction, and vibrations.

The Kingston SA400S37 came to add computers with extreme agility, using less physical space, as the data is stored on special chips.

2. Corsair Force CSSD-F480GBMP510

Corsair CSSD-F480GBMP510 Force Series

  • Brand : WD | 
  • Memory: 480GB | 
  • Speed: 545 MB/sec

This is the Best 480GB M.2 SSD. Manufactured by Corsair, it’s the HD you need if you’re looking for above-average speed and guaranteed quality!

In addition, the Corsair Force SSD offers fast read and write speeds of up to 3480MB/s and 3000MB/s via a 2280 M.2 format that connects to the NVMe PCle Gen3 x4 Me interface, allowing installations on motherboards and compatible laptops.

The SSD model Corsair Force has a speed of up to 545MB/s, for simple connection and maximum bandwidth, providing format flexibility.

This model also features 3G TLC NAND technology, supporting data storage for long periods, and a compact M.2 2280 that can be directly connected to the computer or the motherboard.

Corsair Force M.2 has software that allows you to save time when editing images and videos, improving their performance, with advanced controls right on the desktop, which includes safe deletion and firmware updates.

3. Kingston DC500M SATA

Kingston Data Centre

  • Brand : WD | 
  • Memory: 480GB | 
  • Speed: 500 MB/sec

The Kingston DC500M SATA stands out for its high performance. Made by Kingston, it’s the best high-performance HD you’ll find on the market!

In addition, it has power loss protection, preventing the possibility of end-to-end data loss, helping to ensure that all user data remains protected from potential system errors.

The Kingston Server model also ensures a high standard of performance for web-hosted applications, while still providing the dc500 series efficiency for heavy workloads, being powered by the motherboard.

Also, as it has a lower access time, there is no performance loss when file fragments are spread across the disk, differentiating it from other systems.

The Kingston DC500M has high performance, comprises an entire technological structure capable of managing computers, and is also certified by Anatel.

4. Sandisk Plus 480GB SATA

SanDisk SSD PLUS 480GB Internal SSD

  • Brand : SanDisk| 
  • Memory: 480GB | 
  • Speed: 530MB/s

This is Sandisk Plus 480GB SATA with the quality you need at a fair price! Manufactured by SanDisk, it is the HD that, despite being cheap, does not lose its value and functionality compared to other HDS.

In addition, Sandisk Plus offers extremely fast boots and shutdowns, application responses, and transfer speeds, increasing your daily productivity.

This model is resistant to friction, vibration, and higher temperatures, allowing the SSD to run without interruption.

And, if by chance, your computer comes to fall to the ground, it has resistance to great impacts, increasing, even more, its durability. Also standing out for cloning and security applications.

The cheap Sandisk Plus has speeds of up to 530MB/s and 400MB/s, delivering quality and high performance, losing nothing to the more expensive and advanced SSDs!

5. Kingston Suv500Ms480G


  • Brand : WD| 
  • Memory: 480GB | 
  • Speed: 520MB/s

This is top of the line for those who need a high-performance HD. Manufactured by Kingston, it comes equipped with everything you need to work with quality!

In addition, the SSD Kingston Suv offers a significant increase in your computer’s speed, allowing a great improvement in the performance of your activities.

The Kingston Suv SSD model contains a Marvell Dean controller combined with 3D NAND Flash for reading and write speeds of up to 520MB/s and 500MB/s, making it ideal for thinner notebooks with limited systems.

This model also features data protection, 256-bit AES hardware-based cryptographic support, and TCG Opal 2.0 security management solutions.

The top-of-the-line 480GB SSD doesn’t heat up as much as other HDS and also makes less noise, being also available in 120GB and 960GB capacities.

SSD is an excellent choice for those who want average write and write speeds, higher than those of a common HD, who need, for example, motors, disks, recorders, and read heads, improving their operational performance.

In addition, you can install the SSD keeping your original hard drive in your computer, just replace the DVD drive with the SSD with the help of a SATA SSD adapter, so your files will remain on the hard drive and the SSD will be able to store software and the operating system.


Now that you know better the main functions and information of the 480GB SSD, it is much easier to find the ideal SSD for you. Be sure to check the warranty terms and see if the size is compatible with your device.

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