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  • 10 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup



    10 Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup

    Bollywood is all about glamour and we are kind of used to with the pretty faces of Bollywood actress. But the reality is they use a truckload of foundation. From the good to the bad, here’s a look at 10 celebrities who look unrecognizable without their warpaint: 1. Priyanka Chopra 2. Sonam Kapoor 3. Kareena […] More

  • Bollywood Celebrities Doppelgangers

    Top 10 Famous Bollywood Celebrities Doppelgangers

    As the internet is growing worldwide it is becoming quite easier to find your doppelgangers. If you are a famous personality or a Bollywood it becomes quite easier to find you an identical twin in this big world. little changes can also be seen here due to the geographical differences but at one look you […] More