List of 100 Most Used and Common Words in English

Did you know the most used English word is “The”. Nearly half of any book will be nothing but the same 50-100 of most used words. And nearly the other half will be the word that appearing in that selection or book only once.

One world is account for 6% of what we say. These top 100 words make about half of the words we say. Yes, only these 100 words account for half of our conversation with anyone.

Well, it’s essential to learn as many words as you can but if you know the meaning and how to use these 100 worlds you may speak English. Of course, not like a native speaker, it requires learning so many English vocabulary words.

Here is the list of most used and common words used in the English language.

top 100 most Common Words in English
Top 100 Most Used Words in English


use of word or word count


Written by Shelbi Shelddon

Some of the great words for Shelbi are funny and hardworking.

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