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9 Best Hetzner Alternative: Similar Service with Good Price & Features

Hetzner offers the most affordable VPS hosting plans and shared servers as well there are many things that urge users to look for similar Hetzner alternative services that offer reliable web hosting solutions at reasonable prices.

What Hetzner offers:

Hetzner is a German Company providing hosting services worldwide, along with services of a Data Center too. Since its dawn in 1997. Hetzner aims to extend various services like dedicated hosting, server auctions, colocation, storage boxes, cloud services, SSL certificates, etc.

Hetzner Features

  • Access Full Root
  • Traffic Included
  • Dedicated IPv4 Address
  • IPv6 Subnet
  • Administration Software
  • Monitoring Server
  • Email Notifications
  • Rescue System
  • VNC Installation
  • Image Installer
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Reverse DNS Administration
  • Domain Registration Robot
  • Backup Space
  • Redundant Network
  • High Bandwidth
  • Juniper Routing Technology
  • Switched Network
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Top Best Hetzner Alternatives:

No. Alternative
3.OVH Cloud
5.AWS Lightsail
9.A2 Hosting


RamNode is the name of high-performance SSD hosting and SSD virtual private network management provider for managing cloud and hosting-related issues.

If you want to enjoy more power and speed all the time, you can use RamNode’s supercharged servers that contain a variety of features in the form of super-fast I / O, powerful CPU , DDoS protection, support at all times, and instant deployment.


UpCloud delivers cloud servers with faster SSD performance that achieves maximum SLA uptime at an affordable monthly price. Before using UpCloud premium services, users can also use the services in the trial period. It is offering its services from data centers located in many different places in the world. It is dedicated to offering high-performance servers with extremely redundant infrastructure for.

OVH Cloud

OVH is the largest web hosting company in Europe. OVH was originally founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba in Lille, France.

OVH provides web hosting and email options for customers with a wide variety of needs. Even entry-level hosting packages come with features that help to make your site reliable, fast and secure.


Linode is a leading provider of VPS (Virtual Private Servers) on the market. It is also known as cloud hosting for you with high-performance Linux SSD servers for all your infrastructure needs. Linode is a fairly simple, powerful, and reliable system, whether you are just starting out or implementing the complex system. Compared to the others, it offers the fastest hardware and network in the industry with a.

Linode is one of the most popular providers that are chosen by developers around the world to host their websites. They stand out for being a stable provider with excellent uptime in their networks.

Get Your Linode $100 free Credit

AWS Lightsail

AWS is the Cloud service of the famous Amazon. They offer guaranteed scalability for almost anything you need, disk space, CPU, ram, as well as load balancing services, etc.

The bad thing about AWS is that the transfer is very expensive if you use a lot of it.

And another point against them is that there is no type of human support, that is, it is all 100% automated and depends entirely on your knowledge at the server level so that everything is working. That is the main reason they launch Lightsail.

So if you have a lot of money left over, and you are also a 100% expert in infrastructure or server management, AWS can be a great choice for your Cloud. And if you don’t want to spend too much then you can go for Lightsail.


Kamatera is a perfect alternative to Hetzner for users who are looking for a more hands-off approach to web hosting. The company is known for being extremely user-friendly and offers great hosting plans for all budgets. Kamatera is very versatile and is a good pick for beginners and veterans alike.

The company has been in the cloud computing business for well over 20 years now, which makes Kamatera one of the most experienced providers out there.


HostwInds has managed to acquire a very good reputation over the years thanks to its top-quality services and cheap prices. In addition to offering cloud hosting that’s just as good as that of DO, if not better, Hostwinds also works with shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers, among other things. There’s quite a bit more variety here and the service is a lot more user-friendly to boot.


Vultr is a long-time alternative of Hetzner that offers a nearly identical set of services at a more affordable price. The service is reliable, easy to manage, and the location coverage is miles ahead of what DO offers. Unlike its main competitor, Vultr has a very intuitive user interface and gives users the option of installing a wide variety of useful apps, including the ever-popular cPanel.

Get Your Vultr $100 free Credit

A2 Hosting

A2’s unmanaged VPS hosting is the closest option you can get to what Hetzner is offering. Prices start at $5 per month as well but I recommend going for the $15 tier if possible because that buys you a very good quad-core machine.

If you want to avoid having to deal with all the technical stuff, you can opt for A2’s managed VPS hosting instead. Prices here range between $25 and $50 per month and you can choose whether or not you want root access to be included in the package as well.

As far as the shared hosting is concerned, the entry point is $2.96 a month right now. On the other end of the spectrum, A2 also offers dedicated servers that will set you back a lot more but you do get what you pay for. Similar to VPS hosting, users can choose to have managed or unmanaged dedicated servers. Needless to say, the managed ones are more expensive but A2 does all the heavy lifting for you in return.

Whic is the best US altrnative of Hetzner?

One of the best alternatives in the US to Hetzner is Linode and Vultr. Both have multiple locations in US and give low latency rate.

Which is the fastest alternative to Hetzner?

Vultr’s high-frequency servers are the fasted alternative to Hetzner as they uses the latest hardware and software. Vultr HF is a bit expensive than normal but gives a booses speed with plated hardware.

All of the above Hetzner alternatives are top-notch and you choose any of them without worrying about the performance of your server.

Now I recommend two options Vultr and OVH. You can choose Vultr if you want a high-performance server but it legs in support. OVH is the best option when you want to purchase a Dedicated server with good support. Vultr offers Bare metal and dedicated cloud servers but they don’t come near what OVH offers in the Dedicated package.

Yes if you want the latest hardware and software for your server then Vultr’s High-frequency server is the best option. I got some speed boost for my website in Vultr’s HF server compared to their normal server.

OVH and Vultr both are easy to use.

Choose on your own, Vultr offers $100 free credit to test out their platform and OVH doesn’t offer trial service but their rock-solid Dedicated server performance will never let you down. OVH VPS pricing starts from $6 for 2GB RAM which is a budget pricing for a 2GB Ram VPS.

It’s always best to do some testing before choosing the best platform for you.

The fact that Vultr is giving away $100 is a good indication of why they are one of the top Hetzner alternatives.

After all, they trust their products enough to give away an “almost free” trial of their high-end service.

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