12 Best Inspiring Website You Should Bookmark Now

12 Best Inspiring Website You Should Bookmark Now

With over a billion websites on the internet, there is plenty of website with good and inspirational content. Here is the list of Inspiring Website that may change your way of thinking or maybe make a better person.


TED inspiring website

If you like stories of other inspiring peoples and hot how to become successful then Ted is the best place to be. You can find a video on every inspirational topic. You can even subscribe to there youtube channel for best videos recommendation by Youtube.

Content-Type:- Videos.

Topic:- Motivational, Life advice.


Reddit can be a very good source of inspiration if you are on the right subreddit like this one. Peoples post inspirational quotes and stories from various parts of the world here.

Content-Type:- Quotes

Topic:- Motivation, Storys.

Storytellers For Good

Storytellers for Good inspiring website

Storytellers for Good is “a team of producers and cinematographers who promote goodness and inspiring greatness through the art of storytelling”. The site has a good video section.

Content Type:- Videos.

Topic:- Motivation, Storys.

Brainy Quote

Famous Quotes inspiring website

Best site for finding quotes for my blogs. This site compiles and publishes quotes from famous and smart people and there is always something there that pertains to your specific situation.

Content-Type:- Quotes.

Topic:- Motivation. Daily life.

The History Blog

The History Blog inspiring website

This blog provides you with history, art, culture, and photos, along with their wider historical context.

Content-Type:- Blog.

Topic:- History.

App Treasure Hunter

AppTreasureHunter inspiring website

App Treasure Hunter is a site dedicated to finding and testing out educational apps. It has been developed by a handful of parents and educators with a passion for great education applications.

Content-Type:- For Kids.

Topic:- Apps.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess inspiring website

It is surely a beautiful mess which will make you more positive and inspire you to craft,  to cook and so many more, in one word – lifestyle. Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman’s ideas will keep you occupied for days when you will try to follow their decor projects or recipes. 

Content Type:- Blog.

Topic:- Cooking.


Entrepreneur inspiring website

This website is dedicated to those of you who are passionate about having your own business or franchise.

Content-Type:- Blogs, Videos.

Topic:- Career advice, Motivation.

CNN Heroes

CNN Heroes inspiring website

This page on CNN profiles real-world heroes who are doing their bit every day. Each year, ten heroes from around the world get nominated.

Content Type:- Video.

Topic:- Storys, Motivation.

Tiny Buddha 

Tiny Buddha inspiring website

You can read articles that will lift your mood about happiness, health, how to move on, fulfillment in life and so on. You also have access to a forum where you can have conversations with others and help each other. 

Content-Type:- Quotes, Blog.

Topic:- Motivatiotion.

This Gives Me Hope

This Gives Me Hope inspiring website

This site contains anonymous entries from people who have interesting and inspiring anecdotes to share from their daily lives.

Content-Type:- Blog.

Topic:- Daily Life blog , Storys.

Written by Mashtos Staff

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