10 Photos That Aren’t In History Books But Really Should Be


If you think history book includes each and every photo and interesting event of our history then you are just completely wrong. Here are some of the interesting historical event that you may not saw before.

1. Footprint on the moon — 1969

Footprint-on-the-moon 1969 instresting history event

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the most famed astronaut in the world by being the first to step foot on the moon. Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and the other astronauts aboard Apollo 11 spent the next few hours collecting samples before returning to earth.

2. Hubble Ultra Deep Field — 2003

Hubble-Ultra-Deep-Field-—-2003 instresting history event

The Hubble Telescope gave us the furthest look into deep space ever. The images on the slides allowed researchers to see galaxies that they never knew existed.

3. The Last Public Execution By Guillotine — 1939

The-Last-Public-Execution-By-Guillotine-—-1939 instresting history event

Eugen Wiedmann, a career criminal charged with conspiracy, murder, robbery, and kidnapping, was the last person to be publicly executed in France.

4. Nagasaki, 20 Minutes Later — 1945

Nagasaki-20-Minutes-Later-—-1945vinstresting history event

It was followed by the attack on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945. The estimated total death toll for the second attack is around 75,000. Hiroshima – 1 A picture of the Hiroshima blast taken from around 10 km away 30 minutes after detonation

5. The Sun Setting On Mars — 2005

The-Sun-Setting-On-Mars-—-2005 instresting history event

Although this looks like a photo of a sunset from Earth. It was actually taken by the Mars Rover Spirit from the surface of Mars.

6. The Fifth Solvay Conference — 1927

The-Fifth-Solvay-Conference-—-1927vinstresting history event

The Solvay Conference is a conference held for the biggest names in physics and other scientific disciplines. This photo features some of the biggest scientific names in history including Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Erwin Schrodinger and Niels Bohr.

7. Tiananmen Square Protests — 1989

Tiananmen-Square-Protests-—-1989 instresting history event

The most popular photo of the Tiananmen Square protests shows the man on the left standing in front of a long line of tanks. This photo shows gained popularity because it shows a different perspective on the same incident.

8. The Burning Monk — 1963

The-Burning-Monk-—-1963vinstresting history event

This photo is known as one of the most controversial in history. Monk Quang Doc was protesting against the South Vietnam government, who were persecuting Buddhists. He drove up to the Cambodian Embassy, sat in the middle of the road as another monk covered him in gasoline and set him on fire.

9. Glimpsing the Versailles Signing — 1919

Glimpsing-the-Versailles-Signing-—-1919 instresting history event

The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty that helped end World War I. Military personnel anxiously awaited the signing because the terms were passive aggressive at best.

10. Tenzing Norgay on Everest’s Summit — 1953

Tenzing-Norgay-on-Everest’s-Summit-—-1953 instresting history event

Tenzing Norgay and his friend Edmund Hillary are the first known individuals to reach the summit of Mount Everest

Written by Hemant Srivastava

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